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Treasured Memories

ER Screencaps

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Welcome to the first livejournal community
dedicated to bringing you as many pictures
from NBC's medical dramma ER as we can.

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- THIS COMMUNITY IS FOR SCREENCAPS ONLY: don't post anything besides screencaps or screencaps' requests.

- Be polite and friendly: respect other people and their opinions and feelings. Be patient when you do a request:

- Check memories before requesting or posting:each ER season will have it's own section in the memories, so before requesting or making screencaps for a certain episode check the memories section..

- Titles are to be posted in the SUBJECT LINE : put in the subject line season, episode's title and number. This will make easier the memories section to organize and check .

- Do not request repeatedly:all requests will be added to the memories. There will be no reason to request over and over .

- Use a LJ-cut when necessary: always use a lj-cut when posting sample caps.

- No Bashing is allowed: please, don't bash actors/actress or characters. This community is for ER fans who look for screencaps. It's not for haters.
So nasty comments about actors or characters aren't allowed.

- Credit and do not claim as yours : Screencapping takes a lot of time and patience so if you want to use someone's caps give them credit for their work and do not claim them as yours. Comments aren't required but really appreciated

- Off topic posts.: If someone posts something else besides screencaps or screencap requests I'm going to delete the post: sorry :-).

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the_triage (The premiere ER icontest for the NBC series )

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You can link to the group by using one of the following banners (please save images to your own server)

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